Size Guide

Identify your bra tour

Stand with your back straight. Place your tape measure around your bust, horizontally just below the chest. Be careful not to overtighten it.
Refer to the table below for your bra tour.

So, if your back is 80 cm, your bra is 95.

Here are the correspondences of the sizes:

– 85 = S
– 90 = M
– 95 = L
– 100 = XL

Identify your cup depth

Always straight, hold your tape measure horizontally around your chest, at the point of the breasts.
Refer to the table below, with your bra lathe, for your cup depth.

So, if your bra’s turn is 95 and your bust measures 101 cm, your ideal beanie is E. So your bra size is 95 E.

Referring to the column of your tower size in the table below, you will be able to precisely define the appropriate cup size.

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